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27 March SSC CHSL tier 1 Asked Questions | CHSL tier 1 Analysis 2018

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Answer key 2018 –  SSC CHSL Tier 1 27 march exam was successfully conducted in shifts of morning, afternoon & evening. Candidates appearing in the exam of SSC CHSL tier 1 2018 are now searching for the CHSL tier 1 Answer keys of March month. The Answer key of CHSL tier 1 2018  will be published officially on the site soon. Aspirants today can see the 27 March SSC CHSL tier 1 Analysis for Shift 1, shift 2 & shift 3. Here you can see how the paper was, asked questions & good and bad attempts of the questions regarding the SSC CHSL tier 1 Analysis 2018. Also for the expected SSC chsl tier 2018 cutoff, there is the direct link below. The cutoff marks will mainly depend on various factors see below.

27 March CHSL Tier 1 Shift 1 Analysis

Subject No. of Qs Difficulty Level
Shift 1 
Good Attempt
Shift 1
English Language 25 Easy to Moderate 17 – 19
General Awareness 25 Easy 20 – 22
Quantitative Aptitude 25 Easy to Moderate 16 – 18
General Intelligence 25 Moderate 15 – 17
OVERALL 100 Easy to Moderate  72 – 78

SSC CHSL 27 March Asked Questions 2018

  • New Arab committee in 2017 (Bahrain and Qatar)
  • Wind route in a day (sea to mountain, mountain to sea or surface to sea)
  • Hardik Pandya retain in which team
  • Autobiography written by which mugal in parsean
  • Which city is not located near rivar__ Surat katak Madurai
  • Which atom is not a radioactive (PO germanium uranium Wind name near pampa’s area North America
  • Award win by the chief minister of Telangana
  • Prime minister of Nepal
  • In HTML how * is written.
  • math me area of the rectangle .
  • area of a circle is given find the perimeter.
  • find the right circular cylinder diameter & height is given.
  • if a is 50 more than b then how much percent of a.
  • question on time & work and ratio cosec e is given in right triangle we have to find cosec d -1/root 3
  • Who got Mother Teresa award for Social Justice?
    • Priyanka Chopra
  • What is the national fruit of Bangladesh?
    • Jackfruit
  • Which river does not originate from Amarkantak?
    • Godavari
  • Does thundering occur in which layer?
    • Stratosphere
  • Who is the founder of Home Rule League?
    • Annie Besant
  • How many levels are there in India?
    • 3 Levels
  • What is India’s biggest Municipal Program?
    • Pune Municipal Corporation
  • What is HTML Row Tag?
    • <TR>
  • What are the modes of reproduction?
    • Asexual & Sexual
  • In whose time Allabaruni came?
    • Md. Gazni
  • Who was the contemporary king of Ashoka?
    • Mahasen Mahakasyap
  • One question on scheme related to girls.
  • What is SONAR?



Stab at the back

Tongue in cheek

Pedal to the Metal




  • Synonyms
  • Orthodox
  • Penchant
  • Rectitude

SSC CHSL Tier 1 2018 Expected Cutoff

Cut off list mainly depends on following factors:-

  1. The difficulty level of exam
  2. The overall performance of the participants in the exam
  3. Total number of vacancies
  4. Total number of reserved seats
  5. Number of participants attended the exam

  new2       SSC CHSL Tier 1 25 march Analysis 2018

  new2  SSC CHSL Tier 1 26 march Analysis 2018

  new2 SSC CHSL Tier 1 Cutoff 2018


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