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MH SET 28 Jan Answer key 2018 | SET 2018 Exam Answer Sheet Paper 1 2 3

MAHA SET 2018 Answer key – Savitribai Phule Pune University have implemented the Maharashtra State Eligibility Test 2018 Exam on 28th January 2018. Thousands of applicants who would like to be Assistant Professor within the Governing administration, Non-public Organizations in the Maharashtra State have provided the examination with full commitment. All these applicants at the moment are looking for Maharashtra SET 28 Jan Answer Key set wise. They may be turned off the fact that organization will supply the Maharashtra SET Answer Key 2018 for 28th January Exam Paper wise for paper 1 2 3. Individuals need to get to the authorized website to get MH SET 2018 Answer keys 2018. You may get the Maharashtra SET 2018 Solved Paper with expected cutoff marks. We will be giving you the direct link through this informative article so read very cautiously. You will have to enter your login information to Download MAHA SET 2018 Answer key.

Note: MHA SET 2018 English Paper 2 Answers are below.

MAHA SET 28 Jan Answer Key 2018

MAHA State Eligibility Test has been held for candidates to become selected as Assistant Professor in Savitribai Phule Bai Pune University. At this moment individuals who seem to made an appearance in MAHA SET 2018 written exam need to get their MAHA SET Jan 2018 Exam Answer Key. To enable them to determine their maha set 2018 expected marks and marks they are able to accomplish while in the test. Through the help of MAHA 28 Jan Answer key Exam 1 2 & 3 solved paper, Applicants can estimate their totals they’re able to obtain in exam and may appear to the further selection procedure.

Maharastra SET 2018 Pre Exam Question Paper 

Official Recruitment Board Name Savitribhai Phule Pune University State Agency
Name of the Selection Board SPPU, Maharashtra
Examination Name Maharashtra State Eligibility Test 2018
Total no. of vacancies Various
 Job Location Maharashtra
Notification Regarding Maharashtra SET Answer Key All Sets PDF
 Status Soon Available…
Category Answer key
 Official Website

SET MAHA 2018 Expected cutoff 

Catagory Part I Part II Paper III
General 40% 40% 40%
OBC 35% 35% 35%
SC/ST 35% 35% 35%

Download MAHA SET 2018 Answer key PDF 

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  • After that see the main link maha set 2018 answer key.
  • Paper set wise answer keys will be displayed.
  • Click on the paper 1 2 or 3.
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MAHARASHTRA SET 28 Jan English Answer key 

1) ‘Ripeness is all’ is a line from:
*A) King Lear*
B) Hamlet
C) Othello
D) Macbeth
*Answer – A) King Lear*
*Explanation – Act V, Scene ii – by Edgar*
What, in ill thoughts again? Men must endure
Their going hence even as their coming hither.
Ripeness is all. Come on.

2) *‘The Woman in the Moon’* is a play written by one of the following playwrights:
A) George Peele
B) Thomas Lodge
C) Thomas Nashe
*D) John Lyly*
*Answer – D) John Lyly (Originally published: 1597)*

3. The numbers of pilgrims going to Canterbury together in Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ is:
A) 22
B) 27
*C) 29*
D) 31
*Answer – C) 29*
_It is mention by Chaucer himself in The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales in line No. 24 – ‘Wel nyne and twenty in a compaignye,’_

4. Which of the following is a play by Shakespeare?
A) Edward II
*B) Richard II*
C) Henry II
D) Henry III
*Answer – B) Richard II (Originally published: 1597)*
*History Plays by Shakespeare*
Henry IV, Part I
Henry IV, Part II
Henry V
Henry VI, Part I
Henry VI, Part II
Henry VI, Part III
Henry VIII
King John
Richard II
Richard III

5. If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free
Angels alone that soar above
Enjoy such liberty.
These lines are taken from
A) The Grasshooper
B) The Scrutinie
*C) The Althea, from Prison*
D) To Lucasta, Going to the Wars
*Answer -C) The Althea, from Prison (by Richard Lovelace)*
The lines:
Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage;
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for a hermitage.
If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty.

6. I will not think of thee but as men do
Of debts and sins; and then I’ll curse thee too.
These lines are taken from:
*A) Love Turned to Hatred*
B) Sonnet I
C) A Doubt of Martyrdom
D) The Constant Lover
*Answer – A) Love Turned to Hatred*

7. *‘An Essay of Dramatic Poesie’* is written by
A) Jonathan Swift
B) Joseph Addison
*C) John Dryden*
D) Oliver Goldsmith
*Answer – C) John Dryden*

8) The pamphlet *‘A Short View of Immorality and Profaneness of English Stage’* is penned by:
A) John Vanbrugh
B) Thomas D’urfey
*C) Jeremy Collier*
D) William Prynne
*Answer – C) Jeremy Collier*

9) The central character in *‘The Way of the World’* is :
*A) Mirabell*
B) Foible
C) Waitwell
D) Lady Wishfort
*Answer – A) Mirabell*

10) Who was the first ever Poet Laureate?
*A) Ben Jonson*
B) Alexander Pope
C) John Dryden
D) Wordsworth
*Answer – A) Ben Jonson*
*(the first official holder of the position was John Dryden, appointed in 1668 by Charles II.)*

11) The term *‘metaphysical poets’* was coined by:
A) Andrew Marvell
B) John Donne
*C) Samuel Johnson*
D) Abraham Cowley
*Answer – C) Samuel Johnson*

12) The reign of Queen Elizabeth was spread over the period of:
A) 1554-1616
B) 1588-1603
*C) 1558-1603*
D) 1564-1616
*Answer – C) 1558-1603*

13) Oliver Goldsmith’s *‘The Traveller’* was published in:
A) 1749
B) 1755
C) 1770
*D) 1764*
*Answer – D) 1764*

14) Richard Glover’s *‘Admiral Hosier’s Ghost’* is:
A) a Sonnet
B) an Epic
C) a Poetic Drama
*D) a Ballad*
*Answer – D) a Ballad*

15) *‘Currer Bell’* was the penname adopted by the British woman novelist:
A) Anne Bronte
*B) Charlotte Bronte*
C) Maria Edgeworth
D) Jane Austen
*Answer – B) Charlotte Bronte*

16) Which of Dickens’ novels opens with the words, _‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…’_
A) Oliver Twist
*B) A Tale of Two Cities*
C) Hard Times
D) Great Expectations
*Answer – B) A Tale of Two Cities*

17) In which of the following poems does the line, _‘The curfew tolls the knell of the parting day’_ occur?
A) Lycidas
B) Adonais
*C) An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard*
D) In Memoriam
*Answer – C) An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard*

18) Who has propounded the theory of the *‘association of ideas’*?
A) J S Mill
B) Edmund Burke
C) Charles Darwin
*D) John Locke*
*Answer – D) John Locke*

19) The chief narrator in *‘Wuthering Heights’* is:
*A) Nelly Dean*
B) Lockwood
C) Henchard
D) Catherine
*Answer – A) Nelly Dean*

20) Hardy added a subtitle to his novel *‘Tess of the DÚrbervilles’* as his personal statement. What is it?
A) A Maid’s Tragedy
B) A Plaything of Fate
*C) A Pure Woman*
D) A Tragedy of the Innocent
*Answer – C) A Pure Woman*

21) Who wrote the famous poem *‘Adlestrop’*?
*A) Edward Thomas*
B) Dylan Thomas
C) Thomas Hardy
D) T S Eliot
*Answer – A) Edward Thomas*

22) Which Greek God appears in the guise of a swan in Yeats’s poem, *“Leda and the Swan”*?
A) Apollo
B) Dionysius
C) Poseidon
*D) Zeus*
*Answer – D) Zeus*

23) The novel *‘The House Made of Dawn’* is written by:
A) Joseph Heller
B) Louise Erdrich
C) Susan Sontag
*D) N Scott Momaday*
*Answer – D) N Scott Momaday*

24) In which year Earnest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature?
*A) 1954*
B) 1955
C) 1956
D) 1960
*Answer – A) 1954*

25) *“Geoffrey Crayson, Gent”* is the pseudonym of the American writer:
*A) Washington Irving*
B) Mark Twain
C) James Fenimore Cooper
D) William Cullen Bryant
*Answer – A) Washington Irving*

26) Who wrote the book *“The Souls of Black Folk”*?
A) Ralph Ellison
*B) W E B Dubois*
C) Richard Wright
D) James Baldwin
*Answer – B) W E B Dubois*

27) The novel *‘Bone People’* deals with the natives of:
A) Australia
*B) New Zealand*
C) Canada
D) England
*Answer – B) New Zealand*

28) Which novel inspired Jean Rhys to write *‘Wide Sargasso Sea’*?
*A) Jane Eyre*
B) Middlemarch
C) Wuthering Heights
D) Pamela
*Answer – A) Jane Eyre*

29) Who has written the poem *“The Negro Speaks of Rivers”*?
A) Carl Sandburg
*B) Langston Hughes*
C) Claude McKay
D) James Weldon Johnson
*Answer – B) Langston Hughes*

30) Who is the author of the novel, *‘Gertrude and Claudius’*?
A) Norman Mailer
B) D H Lawrence
C) Philip Roth
*D) John Updike*
*Answer – D) John Updike*

31) Who defined poetry as *‘the criticism of life’*?
A) John Dryden
B) I A Richards
C) F R Leavis
*D) Mathew Arnold*
*Answer – D) Mathew Arnold*

32) Charles Dicken’s novel ‘David Copperfield’ is ……… in character
*A) Autobiographical*
B) Picaresque
C) Pastoral
D) Historical
*Answer – A) Autobiographical*

33) For Aristotle, tragedy is an imitation of action which is serious, complete in itself and having a certain…
A) attitude
*B) magnitude*
C) length
D) intention
*Answer – B) magnitude*

34) Who described nations nation as an *‘imagined community’*?
A) Stuart Hall
B) Raymond Williams
C) Perry Anderson
*D) Benedict Anderson*
*Answer – D) Benedict Anderson*

35) Name the modern Marxist philosopher who coined the term *“Ideological State Apparatus”*?
*A) Louis Althusser*
B) Terry Eagleton
C) Frederic Jameson
D) Edward Said
*Answer – A) Louis Althusser*

36) Who described Shelley as _‘a beautiful and ineffectual angel beating in the void his luminous wings in vain’_ ?
A) T S Eliot
B) F R Leavis
*C) Mathew Arnold*
D) W H Auden
*Answer – C) Mathew Arnold*

37) Which of the following pairs correct?
I) Parable A) a word or object that stands for another
II) Persona B) a narrator or a storyteller of a literary work created by the author
III) Personification C) a brief narrative with a moral or religious lesson
IV) Symbol D) a device where ideas or objects are given human characteristics

*A) C B D A*
B) B A C D
C) A D B C
D) D C A B

*Answer – A) C B D A*

38) The term _‘diaspora’_ literary means:
A) Migration
B) Immigration
*C) Scattering*
D) Journey
*Answer – C) Scattering*

39) Edward E Said’s *‘Culture and Imperialism’* deals with one of the following central themes:
A) The image of the Oriental in literature
B) The theory of colonialism
C) The development of novel as a vehicle of imperialism
D) The colonizer’s civilizing mission
*Answer – A) The image of the Oriental in literature*

40) Who is the author of *‘Age of Uncertainty’*?
*A) John Kenneth Galbraith*
B) Amartya Sen
C) Nirad C Chaudhury
D) W H Auden
*Answer – A) John Kenneth Galbraith*

41) Who mentions the referential and emotive use of language?
A) F R Levavis
B) R P Warren
C) J C Ransom
*D) I A Richards*
*Answer – D) I A Richards*

42) An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud by a character in a play is known as:
*A) Soliloquy*
B) Dramatic Monologue
C) Elegy
D) Lyric
*Answer – A) Soliloquy*

43) ‘Pied Beauty’ by Hopkins is a:
*A) Petrarchan Sonnet*
B) Miltonic Sonnet
C) Spenserian Sonnet
D) Lyric
*Answer – A) Petrarchan Sonnet*

44) Who coined the term *‘comic epic in prose’*?
A) Alexander Pope
B) Mathew Arnold
C) Henry James
*D) Henry Fielding*
*Answer – D) Henry Fielding*

45) Invocation is an appeal for:
A) Poetic power of Venus
B) A cordial invitation to the reader
C) Demonic duty of Flora
*D) Divine inspiration to the Muse*
*Answer – D) Divine inspiration to the Muse*

46) The strophe, the anti-strophe and the epode constitute the three parts of:
A) The Lesbian Ode
B) The Horatian Ode
C) The Homeric Ode
*D) The Pindaric Ode*
*Answer – D) The Pindaric Ode*

47) An artistic attempt o bridge together reality and imagination is called:
A) Expressionism
B) Impressionism
*C) Surrealism*
D) Realism
*Answer – C) Surrealism*

48) A couplet covers a ….. thought written in two lines with rhyming ends
*A) Complete*
B) Partial
C) Rare
D) Popular
*Answer – A) Complete*

49) The expression ‘cold fire’ is an example of:
A) Metaphor
B) Metonymy
C) Hyperbole
*D) Oxymoron*
*Answer – D) Oxymoron*

50) Caesura is:
A) A mixture of sounds
B) An image
C) A form of pastoral poem
*D) A pause in a line of poetry*
*Answer – D) A pause in a line of poetry*

1. A) King Lear
2. D) John Lyly (Originally published: 1597)
3. C) 29
4. B) Richard II (Originally published: 1597)
5. C) The Althea, from Prison (by Richard Lovelace)
6. A) Love Turned to Hatred
7. C) John Dryden
8. C) Jeremy Collier
9. A) Mirabell
10. A) Ben Jonson
11. C) Samuel Johnson
12. C) 15581603
13. D) 1764
14. D) a Ballad
15. B) Charlotte Bronte
16. B) A Tale of Two Cities
17. C) An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
18. D) John Locke
19. A) Nelly Dean
20. C) A Pure Woman
21. A) Edward Thomas
22. D) Zeus
23. D) N Scott Momaday
24. A) 1954
25. A) Washington Irving
26. B) W E B Dubois
27. B) New Zealand
28. A) Jane Eyre
29. B) Langston Hughes
30. D) John Updike
31. D) Mathew Arnold
32. A) Autobiographical
33. B) magnitude
34. D) Benedict Anderson
35. A) Louis Althusser
36. C) Mathew Arnold
37. A) C B D A
38. C) Scattering
39. A) The image of the Oriental in literature
40. A) John Kenneth Galbraith
41. D) I A Richards
42. A) Soliloquy
43. A) Petrarchan Sonnet
44. D) Henry Fielding
45. D) Divine inspiration to the Muse
46. D) The Pindaric Ode
47. C) Surrealism
48. A) Complete
49. D) Oxymoron
50. D) A pause in a line of poetry

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